Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Underwater World

There are several Underwater Worlds in this world. I have been the one in Perth, Australia and Denver in USA. Now I am taking you to the one at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong (now China). I remember vividly how I squeezed myself around to take these pictures, changed my lens and zoomed, zoomed, zoomed. I probably missed some shots. Now these are available for sharing.

Hey, two dolphins made themselves into a raft and carried this guy across the huge pool.
Then they swam back stroke. To see the back stroke picture click here.

A lady called the dolphins and here they appeared as though saying, "Yes, we're here!"

Okay, let's walk on our fins, "One, two, three..."

My buddy spins the ball first, while I watch and do some other tricks later. Oh man, so many spectators today. Hehehe! I can look at these people and relax at the moment.

Let's spin the hook together, you take the pink and white hook and I, blue. "Hey, tell us when you want us to stop spinning, buddy!"

Now, it's Mr. Seal's turn to show off his weight lifting skills!

Oh! Showtime is over. Hope you enjoy and appreciate the amazing skills of some water creatures. For the real excitement, you know where to go when you are in Hong Kong (I still call it HK because China is an enormous country).

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Alan said...

Seeing the pictures made me think how some things are the same the world over. The dolphins and marine animals you saw in Hong Kong so much like ones I've seen in Florida. Sometimes when you look across the Internet and see someplace far away it seems strange and threatening. This seemed so reassuringly familiar.

Jesieblogjourney said...

Thank you for your visit. I agree with you.

For instance, I remember that when my husband and I were in the Outback in Australia, he said we went all the way to Australia to see Arizona.

cozuni said...

those dolphins are so cute...
thanks for the pictures!

josie said...

Hi Jesie....I lurrvee every entry of your travel log..

I agree with cozuni...dolphins are adorable....

Check out the largest aquarium in OKINAWA, Japan....It's huge that I think they have the entire ocean in it....;)

jesie said...

Cozuni and Josie
Thanks for the nice comments. Come back as I am trying to put more pictures to share.

The setback is sometimes the pictures would not show.

I will check on Okinawa.