Monday, October 15, 2007

A Day's Tour in Rome

Welcome to Rome! After my work in Milan, I proceeded to Rome during the weekend break. Rome attracts a few million visitors every year with its rich architecture, history, design and art of different eras. You have to love history and art to appreciate Rome. Here are some of my pictures:Trevi Fountain.
There is a legend that if you toss a coin with your back facing the fountain, you will come back to Rome again. Was I doing that or just acting? I don't remember. What I remember is it took me a while to be able to get this shot. Why? See the crowd in the next picture.

For history and more information on Trevi fountain, click here

Some Sculptures and fountain Somewhere in Rome (See below)

Rome Pantheon, an ancient building (see picture below). Pantheon means "Temple of Many gods" in Greek.

If you are interested to know more about the Pantheon, click here

Better picture of Rome Pantheon:Picture Source

Map Showing the areas of the Vatican City open to Tourists:Map Source with Explanation

Within the city of Rome is a walked enclave known as the Vatican City. The Vatican City came into existence after the Lateran Treaty in 1929. It is ruled by the Pope (the Bishop of Rome).

St Peter’s Square (Piazza) and St Peter Church (Basilica)
St. Peter’s Square is situated in front of St. Peter’s Basilica (church) in Vatican City, Rome. Gian Lorenzo Bernini designed and completed the square from 1656 – 1667 as a forecourt to enable the greatest number of people to see the Pope gives his blessing. Bernini also worked on the interior of St. Peter’s for decades. The trapezoidal shape of the square (piazza) created mainly as a result of site constraints from existing structures, has been praised as a masterpiece of Baroque theater because it provides a heightened perspective for a visitor leaving the church. (I paraphrased into one paragraph the information obtained from Well, according to my tour guide, the square is able to accommodate 500,000 people!

Panoramic View of St. Peter’s Square Picture Source

Aerial View of St. Peter SquarePicture Source

Picture of Fountain in St. Peter Square (above). I am not sure what other purpose it may serve other than being decorative.

If you need current information about visiting the Vatican, one of the best sources is here

The St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest Catholic church in the world which is famous for its interior design and architecture as well. It has many pillars. On top of each of the column (pillar) is a full scupture of a saint. Those interested to see the excavations under the church may have to make advance reservations for the tour.

St Peter’s prepared for outdoor Ceremony Picture Source

My picture at the square in front of the church

St Peter Doom Picture Source

The Vatican Museums
The highlights of the museums are the rich collections and culture. My visit to the Sistine Chapel was on the tour package to see famous fresco artwork of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Perugino, etc. You may want to visit the museum website to decide what you want to see in the Vatican.

The Ceiling of Sistine Chapel - Artwork of Michelangelo Picture Source

To learn more about Michaelangelo's work, read his assistant's story here

My professor who taught me art appreciation likes Italy because of its rich art heritage. We also watched a DVD in on the fresco works in Sistine Chapel and its restoration. We laughed when I shared with him that I left the Sistine Chapel within a few minutes after I stepped in. If I have had his class before my visit, I would have been more appreciative of the tour.

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Deb said...

Superb photos! I've only traveled to Asia and the US so far, Europe is still out of reach for now. Will be back to check out more posts. Keep it up, Jesie!

The All Seeing Eye said...

You're one lucky lady. I plan on going there some day...

Jesieblogjourney said...

Deb and the All Seeing Eye,
Thank you for your visit and nice comments. Come back again as I will post more when time allows.

Once you are in Europe, you can see so many countries. Need more time and save more $. Since I was already in Europe for work, I might as well do some sightseeing during the weekend break. If I had more time I would have seen alot more.