Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Taman Negara (National Park)

Now, I'm taking you to the National Park in the heart of Peninsular Malaysia which is about 4343 sq km (1,072,721 acres) in area. It is believed to be one of the oldest preserved national parks in the world, that is about 130 million years old. (However, I personally believe our earth is not that old).

For A Brief Park Introduction and How to Get There: Click here

I'm sharing pictures I have personally taken and the experience of my personal adventure. When I arrived at Kuala Tembeling, I had something to eat. From the higher elevation of the cafeteria, I took a picture of the jetty as below: As you can see, there are several narrow boats with a roof on each of them.

Now the closeup view of a passing boat: Our ride was painfully longer than usual because the water level was extremely low due to one of the worst dry spells in history. At one particular point, our boat was stuck and we had to help to push it. It was fun and we made our journey with jokes and laughters. See picture of the boat below with the boatman alone whom we called Pak Cik (uncle). Sorry we were too busy rolling up our pants and did not take the picture of us pushing our boat later. A German couple whom we met shared that when their boat was stuck, there was a python at the bank of the river so they pushed the boat quietly and quickly, thus, no joke or laughter.

We went for a night jungle walk led by a ranger. We carried our torch lights (flash lights) and were reminded to keep quiet. However, a few kids in our group were somehow noisy. No wonder we did not see any big animals. We saw a huge spider up the tree which the ranger said is capable of eating birds. We also saw other smaller creatures.

The next morning we trekked on our own. Look at the root of this tree! I stood there so that you will have a better idea of its size.
Along the way we heard and saw some birds and some rattan plants. They are all covered with thorns. It must not be easy to remove those thorns. Anyway, I am thankful that someone are in the business of removing those thorns and someone had discovered the beauty of the inner cane that create our beautiful furniture today.

After the trek, we went to the Interactive Center and learned more about the park. We decided to get more water and proceeded to the Canopy Walk. It was believed to be the longest canopy walk in the world. We experienced the view of "up on the trees." I am showing you two pictures, one of the walkway and another of the steps.

Picture of the Walkway (not very straight): I am not sure whether a person who is afraid of heights would enjoy the canopy walk. It is not only long but pretty high from the ground level.

Imagine the number of steps I have yet to take. My husband was ahead of me and he took this shot. Many more steps to go. Be careful!

Well, after the Canopy Walk, we went to the restaurant experienced having tea with monkeys. Afternoon Tea with Monkeys.

In the evening, we met a guy who carried a telescope and camera with him to a higher elevation to watch nature and take pictures and he wanted to be alone so we did not join him. We decided to sit outside the restaurant to watch the nature. Shortly after a group of people went into the jungle for the night walk, a group of wild boars, a wild cat and other creatures came out from the jungle. We laughed that the night before we probably chased those animals out too.

You may enjoy other activities like fishing, and other exploration. We did not have enough time to do them all. It was a great experience. If you like nature, you would enjoy it.

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footiam said...

Oh! There is a canopy walk there now! There wasn't one when I went there but that was so long ago, I haven't forgotten how Taman Negara looks like. I remember hiking there and seeing wild deers. Nice place. Wonder when I get the chance to go there again.

Jesieblogjourney said...

Yes, you should try the canopy walk. So far it is the longest I have ever walked on.

I took nature for granted when I lived in Msia. Now I see green half the year. 1/4 of the year, I suffer from pollen and other allergies. The other 1/4, most trees have no leaves.

In summer I like to camp.