Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pearl of the Orient

Penang known as Pearl of the Orient is made up of Province Wellesley (Seberang Prai) in Peninsular Malaysia as well as the beautiful Penang Island linked by the Penang Bridge or ferry. There is no airport in Seberang Prai. The airport is located in Bayan Lepas, Penang Island.

I love Penang island where I grew up as it is self-contained with beautiful beaches and hills click here for pictures It is also famous as a food paradise picture source of Penang Hill

If you want to see monkeys in the wild, go to the Botanical Gardens, if you are not afraid of worms (caterpillars) visit the butterfly farm, if you like snakes go to the Snake Temple and take pictures with the snake around your neck, if you like the beach, hang around Batu Ferringhi. picture source

Come and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Penang with pictures and report which you can also find in Juru, Province Wellesley click here Oh, how I wish I can be there!

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Smallest Airport

Hi readers,
If you want to see the smallest airport I have ever seen in the US, visit my other blog click here

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shipping Channel

After work, I visited my friend at La Porte in Texas which is about half an hour's drive from William Hobby Intl Airport. We dined at the Monument Inn which not only serves fresh and appetizing seafood but it has great views overlooking part of the Gulf of Mexico. There were some palm trees and it was just scenic. We were hungry and I thought after dinner I would take more pictures. Sorry guys, it was too dark and the pictures did not turn out well. Near the restaurant, you will find a museum and a monument of the Battle which looks like the monument in Washington D.C. It also has a big pool of water in front of it. Sorry no pictures at this time.

The above picture shows some boats and ships around the Gulf. Can you see the cars on the boat and cars which seemed to drive toward the water? The boat ferries the cars across the channel. Welcome to the mini part of the Gulf of Mexico!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

3 Tips for taking Aerial View Pictures

I have been traveling alot lately. As the plane took off, I had beautiful aerial view of some cities. I did not have my camera with me on hand and I missed taking such pictures.

3 tips to share about taking aerial view pictures are:
1) Go for a window seat where you are not blocked by the wing.
2) Have your camera ready with you before the plane takes off.
3) Be aware the view for landing is not as impressive as that of taking off.


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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Koala or Koala Bear?

Before I visited Australia, I used to say I would like to cuddle a koala bear and take a picture of that. After my first visit, I concluded that:

1) I would not hold a koala without any protection.
2) I would not say "koala bear" but just "koala."

When my sister and I visited a koala sanctuary, we learned that those at the sanctuary were disease free. However, most of them out in the wild were diseased. We observed the ranger carefully wrapped his arms with a piece of cloth before he held a koala. It looked meek and lovable. I will share that picture when my scanner is running. Meanwhile this is a picture of a koala which just woke up.

When my husband and I visited Australia, we stayed away from the koalas. They sleep most of the time. Just watch these two out for a fight when they are awake.

We were told the word "koala" already included the word "bear" and we don't repeat it with the English word "bear" again. It was interesting to learn that the koala does not belong to the bear family. It belongs to the marsupial family instead. The Koala's scientific name (Phascolarctos cinereus) comes from the Greek: phaskolos meaning "pouch" and arktos meaning "bear" source

We bought some animal feed at the sanctury to feed other animals but not the koalas. They feed on the eucalyptus leaves and bark. The leaves are believed to have provided them with enough fluid.

If you want to see the koala, please note that they are not found in certain parts of Australia notably Western Australia and Tasmania. You will find them in the Victoria and South Australia. Enjoy.

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Ouch! Rosella Fighting on My Palm!

Now I am taking you from Melbourne, Australia to the eastern suburbs to visit the Dandenong temperate forest with trees a couple hundred feet tall. On the way you will see road signs of emus, kangaroos and other animals.

We parked our car by a shop that sells snacks, tea, souvenirs, and bird feeds. Here I am looking straight up to the tip of the gigantic trees. No koalas, huh? I thought they like to eat eucalyptus leaves. They are the gum or eucalyptus trees. I'm not sure whether there were other trees. Then we decided to feed the birds outside the shop.

Wow! Look how pretty the Australian parrots are. No offense ladies, the male ones are brighter and more colorful. We were excited and our friend wanted to take a shot of us. The rosellas pecked on our palm for the seeds. We thought they are very lovely and efficient seed shellers. They shelled the seeds at the speed of lightning. I need to learn this skill from them. Just then two of them started a battle on my husband's palm and he exclaimed, "Ouch! It hurts real bad. I'm not feeding them anymore." I continued to feed them but when I see two of them on one palm, I would drop the seeds to the ground. Let them fight on the ground and not peck on my palm. They left two marks on my poor husband's palm for a few days!

We did go to the Puffing Billy for an old steam train ride. I will share the pictures and story with you on another post when my new scanner is installed.

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