Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pearl of the Orient

Penang known as Pearl of the Orient is made up of Province Wellesley (Seberang Prai) in Peninsular Malaysia as well as the beautiful Penang Island linked by the Penang Bridge or ferry. There is no airport in Seberang Prai. The airport is located in Bayan Lepas, Penang Island.

I love Penang island where I grew up as it is self-contained with beautiful beaches and hills click here for pictures It is also famous as a food paradise picture source of Penang Hill

If you want to see monkeys in the wild, go to the Botanical Gardens, if you are not afraid of worms (caterpillars) visit the butterfly farm, if you like snakes go to the Snake Temple and take pictures with the snake around your neck, if you like the beach, hang around Batu Ferringhi. picture source

Come and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Penang with pictures and report which you can also find in Juru, Province Wellesley click here Oh, how I wish I can be there!

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footiam said...

Oh! So you have been to Penang. There used to be lots of snakes in the Snake Temple but development caused the snakes to dwindle. There used to be a forest behind the temple but now there are buildings. Hope you get to come again. Perhaps, you haven't hike up Kek Lok Si in Air Hitam, up to the dam. Locals go there to hike and oh, it's really nice!

Jesieblogjourney said...

My siblings still live in Penang. I hiked up Air Itam Dam a couple of years ago. I also bought T-shirts from Kek Lok Si. I am going back sometime next year. I also went to the Youth Park (Taman Belia) and hiked up Penang Hill. Can see a very nice view of Penang Bridge. They serve coffee and all they need is voluntary donation.

Yes, there is so much development doing on and Balik Pulau is going to be another new township.

Oh, I simply miss the food.