Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ouch! Rosella Fighting on My Palm!

Now I am taking you from Melbourne, Australia to the eastern suburbs to visit the Dandenong temperate forest with trees a couple hundred feet tall. On the way you will see road signs of emus, kangaroos and other animals.

We parked our car by a shop that sells snacks, tea, souvenirs, and bird feeds. Here I am looking straight up to the tip of the gigantic trees. No koalas, huh? I thought they like to eat eucalyptus leaves. They are the gum or eucalyptus trees. I'm not sure whether there were other trees. Then we decided to feed the birds outside the shop.

Wow! Look how pretty the Australian parrots are. No offense ladies, the male ones are brighter and more colorful. We were excited and our friend wanted to take a shot of us. The rosellas pecked on our palm for the seeds. We thought they are very lovely and efficient seed shellers. They shelled the seeds at the speed of lightning. I need to learn this skill from them. Just then two of them started a battle on my husband's palm and he exclaimed, "Ouch! It hurts real bad. I'm not feeding them anymore." I continued to feed them but when I see two of them on one palm, I would drop the seeds to the ground. Let them fight on the ground and not peck on my palm. They left two marks on my poor husband's palm for a few days!

We did go to the Puffing Billy for an old steam train ride. I will share the pictures and story with you on another post when my new scanner is installed.

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