Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shipping Channel

After work, I visited my friend at La Porte in Texas which is about half an hour's drive from William Hobby Intl Airport. We dined at the Monument Inn which not only serves fresh and appetizing seafood but it has great views overlooking part of the Gulf of Mexico. There were some palm trees and it was just scenic. We were hungry and I thought after dinner I would take more pictures. Sorry guys, it was too dark and the pictures did not turn out well. Near the restaurant, you will find a museum and a monument of the Battle which looks like the monument in Washington D.C. It also has a big pool of water in front of it. Sorry no pictures at this time.

The above picture shows some boats and ships around the Gulf. Can you see the cars on the boat and cars which seemed to drive toward the water? The boat ferries the cars across the channel. Welcome to the mini part of the Gulf of Mexico!

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