Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cenote Ikil near Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico is largely made up of limestone landscape with no rivers. The land is not fertile and the Mayan farmers burn and slash the trees to grow their crops. When the limestone collapsed, a sinkhole or cenote is formed. There are numerous sinkholes and the one I visited is called Ikil which means "Sacred Blue Cenote" which is located approximately 10 minutes drive from Chichen Itza. If you want to know more about the formation of cenotes, etc., click here.

Here is the picture of the sinkhole from the top surface looking down. It is almost round. According to our tour guide the surface to the water level is around 90 feet deep. The window or opening facing me as I strecthed my neck out to take this picture, is a lookout compartment from around mid level.

I am now half way down. The following picture is taken from that window looking down into the sinkhole.

Here I am proceeding down the steps to the bottom level. The stairway was beautifully lit up.

Here I am right at the bottom of the steps. Oh it's so crowded with people and birds flying all over. This is the view from the bottom to the top surface.

There were many people taller than me crowding to look or getting ready to swim in the "well." I could get only a small portion of it.

Look at all these people getting ready to swim. I am not a great swimmer so I pass on the swimming. Guess how deep the water is?

My husband took a picture of swimmers enjoying themselves in the refreshing cool water, a contrast with the hot weather outside.

Well, according to our tour guide, the water is more than 120 feet deep. I would not recommend anyone to swim if you are not a good swimmer.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Night Shows at Hotel, Cancun

After each day's activities, it would be great to relax and enjoy some great music. As for the best night entertainment spots in Cancun, Terence recommended Coco bongo so did the hotel agents. However, our vacation coincided with the spring break. The college students flocked popular night entertainment spots. Here you go, just showing you the picture. Click here if you want more information and listen to the music at Coco Bongo.

Every night, the hotel resort we stayed had a show time from 9:00pm through 10:00pm. During the pre-show and post-show time, we could request for our favorite songs. The audience could dance as they wish. We took this picture because we felt that one of the local artists looks like Obama. Do you think he resembles Obama too?

Not all the night show pictures turned out. White seems to stand out more clearly and I am sharing a few of them here.
This is supposed to be the music flashbacks of the 1980s reflecting Cher.

These are the 1990s music flashbacks.... Michael Jackson! His actions, and hair style resembles Jackson except he is shorter and darker.

Below are some Cabaret photos. Enjoy.

I would recommend you take a video camera with you so that you can take better pictures and those in motion. I'm not rich enough to own one.