Monday, January 14, 2008


I didn't take enough pictures as I was suffering from a bad spring allergy. I had red swollen eyes and a stuffy nose. However, I'm providing you with good links which give you good information and photo gallery of Taiwan. Enjoy.

Welcome to Taiwan which is also known as the Republic of China. It has a land area of about 36,000 sq. km (214,400 sq. miles) and a population of about 23 million people - source. It has a history of 400 years. My brother used to tell me that it has the shape of a sweet potato. See the map below.

Map Source

My brother worked in Taiwan and I went for a visit to be with his family and cooked his favorite food. He took me to Yangmingshan National Park, which has fresh air and beautiful landscape. The next place I went to was Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, which is surrounded by nice landscape of rocks, a bridge over a stream with carp for us to feed. Next to it is a huge square with colorful lights and fountains at night where the National Theater and Concert Hall are located.

I took this picture showing the changing of the guards in front of Chiang Kai Sheik Memorial Hall.

This is the picture of the Gate of Centrality which is between Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the National Library.

As we go to places at night, we saw a few young betel nut girls with short skirts sitting behind the glass booth of the betel nut shops to attract customers.

We went to a couple of night markets including Shihlin Night Market for dinner. Most of the dishes were good. My brother was surprised that I ate the famous stinky tofu without complaining about the smell. I had a stuffy nose; not smelling, gave me a chance to enjoy it.

Here I am at Tamshui Ferry Terminal. The ferry provides on-board entertainment to its passengers as they travel between Tamshui and Pali. Overlooking the terminal is Kuanyin Island beautifully lit up at night. There are many shop arcades and restaurants near the banks of Tamshui River. We had some seafood at the restaurant and had our portraits sketched by the local artists.

I spent one day at the Theme Park called Window on China where there are replicas of the world's places of attraction. I took some pictures including the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. I have never been to real Mount Rushmore in South Dakota yet. It appeared strange that I just left America for Taiwan and here I am in Taiwan taking pictures of America.
Replica of Mt. Rushmore

Replica of the Statue of Liberty

Goodbye everybody, we are continuing our walk to visit the Pharoah of Egypt and other world replicas. See you again!

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Susanno said...

I think the left below one with a long arm sweater is the "replica" (kidding) :D

Anywhere it must be a nice trip. :)Thanks for sharing

Best Wishes.

jesie said...

LOL, good observation. We were trying to imitate.

Thanks for visiting.

Terence Chang said...


Isn't that funny. I am reading a post about Taiwan while sitting in the coffee shop in Taipei Taiwan.

lisa q. said...

whoa! absolutely gorgeous!

jesie said...

Sounds funny alright. The internet makes it possible and you are reading it from a tourist's perspective. Hope you're not bored because you know the place better. I wish I had seen more of Taiwan.

Have a successful business negotiation and safe travel.

Every country is unique in its ways. I like to travel when I have a chance.

Syari said...

nice pictures, I was searching to see whether you've been to hungary. You haven't or you haven't posted. If you haven't then you should one day. :)

Quachee said...

The window of the world looks impressive. Ive been to one in China as well... there I took a pic just like yours .. and also the Kek Lok Si which represented Malaysia :)

jam said...

Taiwanese stinky touhu is the best of its kind!

lina said...

ya... reminds me of the one in Shenzhn. can pretend I was at Taj Mahal...

there's one Statue of Liberty in Odaiba too

jesie said...

I have never been to Hungary. Some friends showed nice pictures taken at Budapest. If only I have the time and $, there are so many countries I want to visit.

I have been to Window of the World in Shenzhen but I didn't realize that a replica of Kek Lok Si was there. There may be other replicas in China with the same name though.

I like tofu. Since it is so famous, I must say I am glad I have tried it though I could not smell.

Yes, Window of the World in Shenzhen was constructed later and most of the replicas there are comparatively bigger than those in Taiwan.

Quachee said...

Hi Jessie

Yes, its the one in Shenzhen.. and it was Kek Lok Si - a mini pagoda roughly the same height as me then. That was 10 years ago, so not too sure if it has changed :) Maybe now it should be the twin towers? haha.

The Window Of The World sure was unique. I managed to visit 'Paris'! haha

jesie said...

No Twin Tower either. I feel they should reserve a spot for new replicas as updates.

I saw real camels in "Arab" but they do not smell great. Tourists paid to take pictures.

Yes, I went to "Paris" in too. I stood on a table to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I didn't go up the tower though.

mekurukito said...

wow i'd love to go to taiwan someday! home of one of my fav music groups- s.h.e! :D

you're so lucky, you have been to so many places already!

Niro said...

I love Taiwan, Cos I'm sri lankan and I'm buddhist... Hmm Im from sl blog, met from blog catelog

jesie said...

You will have the opportunities to visit Taiwan sometime. Try to go in spring if you like the pretty flowers.

Like Japan, Taiwan will be very pretty in Spring. Yes, I remember meeting you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

MJ Klein said...

hopefully you can come back here and make it down to south Taiwan. it's too bad that most visitors never make it out of the boring north!

Jun said...

hmm... good description of taiwan as a sweet potato *LOL* somehow the thought of gng to taiwan never appealed to me, but i guess it's time to chk out wat it has to offer thru ur blog! ;)