Wednesday, January 9, 2008

London Sightseeing

I went to London alone, 3 days for work and I extended 4 days for sightseeing and to catch up with some long lost friends there. I could not stay longer as I had another assignment in another country. I wish I had the time to travel by Eurostar from London to Paris! It is said to be faster than the airplane and has been winning The World Travel Awards since 1998.

This is the famous Trafalgar Square to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at sea in The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. I do not understand why Nelson's Bronze Monument at the square attracts hundreds of doves. I traveled by tube (subway) and then got myself a day's pass on Hop On, Hop Off Double Deck Sightseeing Bus of London. It is very inexpensive because so many buses are in operation and you go to one place on one bus and after you are done, you show your ticket and get on the next bus, and continue for one whole day. The bus covers most London attractions including museums, palaces and shopping centers.

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Here I am with my backpack for the day stopping at the Planetarium and Madame Tussauds. I bought a joint ticket to go to both.

I also went to see the "Crown Jewels" at the Tower of London which was once a prison, then a palace and now holds the Crown Jewels. They were the most precious and most attractive jewels I had ever seen in my entire life! You have to do some walking to get to the Tower.

Now I am at the Big Ben. This picture did not turn out well as the weather did not cooperate.
Now I am outside St. Paul's Catheral. I think I came here probably because Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were married here that I wanted to see for myself how the church looked like.

The interior of the church is pretty but I was too late for the interior tour.

I didn't make it to the International Date Line See below if you do not want to click.
I took a train from Charing Cross to Kent to visit a few friends. I passed a place called the Seven Oaks. An old lady passenger told me it was the place Princess Diana came from. One bad hurricane had wiped out 4 oaks and today only 3 oaks are left. I thought it was interesting.


Lotus Flower said...

HI there,

You are so lucky to be traveling often (job related or not):-)

Good for you.


jesie said...

Lotus flower,
Thanks for your compliments. I am glad I get to travel some. There are many more countries I would like to visit if I have time and $.

Craig said...

Hi, I came in through entrecard. Nice to see you site and some of the places you've been. We've been travelling full-time for two years now and I love seeing other people's travel blogs.

jesie said...

Craig, it's so awesome to be able to travel for 2 years. I hope I can do that some day too. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again.