Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tumbulgum Farm, Australia

Welcome to Tumbulgum Farm in Western Australia! It has an area of about 80 hectares and is an award winning tourist attraction. See the cultural experience including Farm and Aboriginal shows, BBQ lunches, Aboriginal gallery and displays. There are interactive shows that give tourists hands-on experience as well. The history of the farm is interesting.

The farm shows include Australian sheep dogs at work where they respond to different sounds as intructions to do different tasks. Also watch sheep mustering with the stockman on horseback. I took two pictures at the show which I would like to share with you as below.

See the picture of sheep shearing. The suspension loop around the shearer's body serves specific functions such as control and protect his back (if I remember correctly). The sheep is meek and not difficult to handle. Probably the shearer's experience makes him efficient. He did not take long to do a good job. I would make a mess shearing my husband's hair let alone so much work on a sheep.

Here I am trying to milk "Bernie" the cow in an old-fashioned way. Hey, I need a bucket to collect the milk!

If you want to see more pictures and activities on the farm, here is the photo gallery. Enjoy the fun from the pictures. Then go for a traditional billy tea and Australian damper.

How do you like the Australian Farm experience!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesie,
Very interesting post about the farm and it's features. Loved the photographs too.

jesie said...

Thanks. The sheep dogs at the farm are known to do great jobs too.

I'm wondering whether you have thought of publishing dog shows on your blog.

mekurukito said...

looks like a cool place to visit. i can't imagine myself trying to milk a cow though hehe. i'd probably be too scared to go near it or something lol.

jesie said...

LOL, anyway, I couldn't milk the cow. There was no bucket. It is a harmless cow.

I like Australia and New Zealand. Try visit NZ first. You won't regret.