Monday, December 3, 2007

Penang Butterfly Farm, Malaysia

Let’s guess what you can find other than butterflies on the Butterfly Farm in Penang, Malaysia.

As the name implies, it's not surprising that the Butterfly Farm has possibly close to 4,000 butterflies from over 120 species flying along the footpath around the enclosed landscaped garden. They like to rest on colorful flowers, plants and even rock surfaces. The lifespan of each butterfly is approximately 2 weeks! You may have a chance to see a female butterfly trying to lay eggs.

Besides the butterflies, you will be able to see white tree squirrels, scorpions, millipedes, snakes, iguana, lizards, oriental water dragon, ducks, tortoise, finches, insect museum, etc. There is a little insect zoo where you will see different kinds of bugs.

The most unique bug which I am introducing to you today is the human face bug. I saw a face bug crawling on a branch. See picture below.

Here is the picture of a female face bug guarding its eggs.

Now you should be able to differentiate between the male and female face bug from the picture below.

The moving leaf bug is also something unique which I had never seen elsewhere in my entire life. Take a look at it below:

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Terence Chang said...

wow .. that thing looks very interesting.

Are you in Malaysia now?

How long have you been on vacation so far?

I am heading to Taiwan on Dec 9. Will you stop by Taiwan?

jesie said...

Thanks for dropping by. The bugs are strange looking.

No, I'm in the US.

Have a safe trip to Tw.

Ordnacin said...

That Human face bug is FUNNY!

jesie said...

The human face bug is just different. Yes, it's funny looking.

Denise said...

lovely and cute and YES! very FUNNY...indeed...:-)