Sunday, August 5, 2007

Encounter with Aborigines in Alice Apring

After my husband and I went for the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb and the tour to the Blue Mountains we headed for Alice Spring.

The little airport in Alice Spring was not promising. But we were excited about our one week adventure in the Outback and Alice Spring was just an entry point. As we walked in the town of Alice Spring, we heard a group of Aborigines sat under the trees as though there was a ceremony. Our curiousity drove us closer and closer to the group. Some of the men were drinking beer. One of them offered to take pictures with us. See the picture of him and me.

He could not speak English but could comprehend some words. After the picture was taken, he pointed to my purse. I told him I had no money on me. He's business-minded, huh? I had some candy bars which pleased him.

They did not seem to sleep much at night as we continued to hear them. Are they homeless? Or do they opt not to live in homes?

According to one source, the government offered them homes but they prefer to stay outside.

Can you guess how Alice Spring got its name?

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