Sunday, August 26, 2007

Basket Office Building!

I saw my friend's collection of high quality Longaberger baskets with wooden covers in her living, dinning, bedroom and bathroom areas. My husband decided to take me for a visit to its office in Newark and homestead in Dresden. Here is the office building in Newark, Ohio. It is 7 stories high. The weaves are actual glass windows. The handles are made of metal. The architecture and design of the building was based on the dream of the founder of the company, Dave Longaberger to have a replica of his company logo. He did not graduate from high school until the age of 21 but he was a very innovative and successful businessman. He died in 1999.

As we entered, we saw a big chest and a big hamper (laundry basket) on display. They are big ticket items. The spiral stairway was made of fine quality of solid wood (cherry if I remember correctly). When you look up to the roof in the center of the building, you will see the metal handles through the clear glass ceiling. They are heated up in winter to prevent ice from forming on the ceiling below.

After that we went to the homestead and the basket weaving area where I had a chance to weave a basket. You pay to weave a basket for yourself under the supervision of a basket-maker. I remember the wooden strips were soaked in water first so that they make weaving easier. A couple of months ago, I went to Newark for work and my co-workers wanted to take a picture of the building. We spotted the handles without much difficulty.

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