Friday, June 20, 2008

Sacred Cenote in Chichen Itza

After a refeshing swim at the clear water at Cenote Ikil, let's visit another cenote which is located in Chichen Itza in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Cenotes or sinkholes are formed when the limestone karst caved downward and the ceiling collapsed by the moving underground water below. The ceremonial or sacred well in Chichen Itza was used in times of drought to sacrifice human beings to appease the Mayan Chac or god of fertility, agriculture, thunder, and rain. Below are three pictures of the Cenote of Sacrifice filled with green water. They are taken from different angles.

In 1904, Edward H Thompson, an American archeologist dredged the Cenote of Sacrifice and discovered these precious gold and jade objects and human bones, wooden objects, textiles, copal incense, ceramics, shells and other artifacts can probably be found at the museum in Harvard University today.


gambling game lottery said...

that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

jesie said...

I am glad that the civilization together with the human sacrifice has ended a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

very interesting story, and what a beautiful spot!

Doru said...

Maya civilization is really fascinating. In what manner were the human being sacrified? And how did collapse this amazing people?

jesie said...

Chris and Doru,
Thanks for dropping by and your comments. I will be sharing more on the story of the Mayan Civilization when I have organized the pictures on Chichen Itza. Stay tuned.

Michelle said...

Oh my..we were in that same spot on one vacation we took. It is beautiful isn't it...

bingskee said...

can anyone dip in that green water? i have to say that the pictures are amazing. the posts are informative, too.

Melissa said...

I am going to Mexico this April for my cousins wedding. I am hoping to make it to Chicen Itza. It looks amazing. Btw, I just found a new travel site, I think you will like it.


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Shinade said...

What a great share and such lovely photos. I would love to visit there someday!!

Please forgive me for being away so long but I was not able to blog for almost 5 months. I am trying very hard to get caught up!!:-))

jesie said...

What a coincidence that we've been to the same spot. It seems like a small world, doesn't it?

The water in the green well is not clean. It was used as a sacrificial well where they had human sacrifice before the civilization there ended.

I met a professional photographer on the same flight who went all the way to Mexico to shot wedding pictures. It must be popular for it is inexpensive and a great place for honeymooners. Enjoy your trip to Mexico. Try to visit Chichen Itza for it is one of New 7 wonders of the world. Thanks for sharing the new travel website.

Run with the Wave,
Oh, I love Penang. I can go the beach or climb up a hill anytime of the year. Thanks for the invitation. Too bad that I can't make it this year. Do save some BBQ for me, OK.

I'm sure you will have an opportunity to go there someday.