Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cenote Ikil near Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico is largely made up of limestone landscape with no rivers. The land is not fertile and the Mayan farmers burn and slash the trees to grow their crops. When the limestone collapsed, a sinkhole or cenote is formed. There are numerous sinkholes and the one I visited is called Ikil which means "Sacred Blue Cenote" which is located approximately 10 minutes drive from Chichen Itza. If you want to know more about the formation of cenotes, etc., click here.

Here is the picture of the sinkhole from the top surface looking down. It is almost round. According to our tour guide the surface to the water level is around 90 feet deep. The window or opening facing me as I strecthed my neck out to take this picture, is a lookout compartment from around mid level.

I am now half way down. The following picture is taken from that window looking down into the sinkhole.

Here I am proceeding down the steps to the bottom level. The stairway was beautifully lit up.

Here I am right at the bottom of the steps. Oh it's so crowded with people and birds flying all over. This is the view from the bottom to the top surface.

There were many people taller than me crowding to look or getting ready to swim in the "well." I could get only a small portion of it.

Look at all these people getting ready to swim. I am not a great swimmer so I pass on the swimming. Guess how deep the water is?

My husband took a picture of swimmers enjoying themselves in the refreshing cool water, a contrast with the hot weather outside.

Well, according to our tour guide, the water is more than 120 feet deep. I would not recommend anyone to swim if you are not a good swimmer.

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Jena Isle said...

It sure looks refreshing down there. Does the water have curing effects? I remember the hot springs in Asin , Benguet which were very popular due to their supposedly curing effects. Thanks for the post.

lina said...

sure look mysterious and magical. It would be nice to visit the place with less people, IMHO to fully appreciate the beauty of nature.

JesieBlogJourney said...

I don't think the cool water has any curing effects. I like hot springs. I have been to one in Borneo Island that is believed to have curing effects. After having soaked in the hot spring tub, I asked myself "cure from what?"

LOL, with the crowd there, I felt like I would sink 120 feet down the bottom of the well. I don't blame them because the water is cool and the weather outside the well is hot. A quick swim to refresh is not a bad idea for confident swimmers.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting shots u got there...esp the sinkhole. The pool looks inviting tho the mention of the depth is pretty scary.

Mrs. Mecomber said...

120 feet deep?!?!?!? Good heavens! That's scary to me!

Beautiful photos. :)

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

That's beautiful. I need to put that on my list of places I'd like to see.

Kiran said...

Excellent post and the blog!

jesie said...

my bug life and Mrs. Mecomber,
Yes, the depth of the water is certainly scary. I didn't notice any life guard so I chose not to swim. LOL, I feel safer in the swimming pool.

I would recommend that you also visit Ikil Cenote if you are going to visit Chichen Itza since they are only 10 minutes drive apart.

Thanks for your compliments and sharing pictures of nice spots in India. I would also like to visit India someday. I have seen many beautiful places of India from Hindi movies too.

alitta said...

It seems to me that Mexico is home to lots of fabulous attractions :D

Will said...

That looks so cool!

Susanno said...

It doesn't matter with the deep if I could swimming in the middle of pretty angels with bikini (big LOL).

Anywhere, thanks for sharing this exciting place.

jesie said...

Yes, Mexico has alot of great attractions for tourist.

This is a clean cenote. I am going to post another one to show the contrast. Oh yes, your blog has helpful to nomadic travelers.

LOL, if you get drown for watching girls with bikinis, don't blame me. You have a great sense of humor.

maggie said...

nice shots, lovely place, i wish i could go there, i, also, wish i am a good swimmer *sigh*.

Tony Lajuan Alexander said...

Awesome photos !

Anonymous said...

I was hear last september, and it was the favorite part of the trip. It is absolutely gorgous to look at, and you are also able to jump off a ledge at least 20 feet from the water, which is an absolute blast

Anonymous said...

I was hear last september, and it was the favorite part of the trip. It is absolutely gorgous to look at, and you are also able to jump off a ledge at least 20 feet from the water, which is an absolute blast

juka14 said...

This place looks great! I feel like going for a swim there also. Beautiful photos!

smallbutelegantwoman said...

I swam at Ik Il 4 days ago. It is lovely swimming there. There is a 90 step staircase cut through solid rock to get to the water. You climb down thick wooden ladders and drop into the water. There are many blind black catfish swimming around you (6 inches long). I cupped one in my hand. The spooky part about the swim is that there is nothing to hold onto if you want a edge, so ability to tread water well is a must. The place has life jacket rentals, showers, and change rooms, gift shop, bar, and an airconditioned buffet lunch. Enjoy!

Nicole said...

h my goodness that looks awesome. I have to go there. Thanks for the tip. Hey I just found a new travel site, I think you will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesie,
I don't know you. I just got home from my honeymoon two days ago and lost my camera somewhere in the Dallas airport. I visited this particular cenote near Chichen Itza and I am attempting to put my honeymoon experience together using other people's photos. I was wondering if you would let me borrow yours. Let me know. Thanks! -Vanessa

Travel Kenya said...

I am so scared of heights and water. but the way this water seems to be cool. i can jump from anywhere to swim. nice photos.