Thursday, April 17, 2008

Horseback Riding in Mexico

We are now at Loma Bonita horseback riding ranch waiting for our guide to take us to the horses. There is a souvenir shop at the ranch but I did not go in.

The following 2 pictures are our guide and some horses at the ranch.

We were given instruction on how to control the horses. We were then divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced horse riders. The warning is never go near a horse' hind legs for it may kick and hurt you. Always get up a horse on its left side.

Each horse has a name. This is a picture of a couple of horses on its way through the mangrove path to the ocean. We are now on a 2-hour horse back ride.

Now we are all at the beach. Notice that the horses like to walk in a single line, one following the other. We were warned that some horses like the beach and in the event that our horse gets down to the sand, we have to get off from its back. One horse did that and a couple of others started digging into the sand.

The horses that do not like to go into the ocean were tied to the poles/fence.

The horses which would take us for a swim had the saddles removed from them. Notice the bare backs of these horses.

I am guiding my horse into the water. It wasn't easy to ride on a bare horse back. And it isn't too difficult either if you concentrate and be on your guard.

Here we go for a swim. I clamped my legs and feet tight to the horse body and held tight to its mane. I was ready to be in a position to clamp my body against the horse if the waves get too rough. A guy on the first batch fell off from his horse and he had to swim while his horse happily abandoned him. The rancher had to go after it. I didn't want it to happen to me.

Oh, oh, the waves worked against us and my horse didn't like it too much. It nearly threw me off. But I repositioned myself securely after having glided off a little from its bare back.

After the swim, we rode our horses back to the ranch. It was very hot. Lunch was ready by the time we reached the ranch. A mother and daughter whom we met at lunch shared that they have been to Hawaii for horseback riding as well but they think that Mexico has better value for money because there are more activities offered at a cheaper price and most hotel resorts are inclusive of food. They shared that their family paid US$90 for a meal in Hawaii. They also shared something that puzzled me that they saw some dogs in Mexico that were tied on the roofs in the hot sun because there was no place to keep the dogs.

After lunch, our tour bus took us back to our hotel about an hour's drive away. It was a great horse riding adventure and I think the swimming part was the most thrilling.

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lina said...

Wow! That looks fun! It wasn't slippery when the horses are wet?

jesie said...

Yes, it was fun and the horse's bare back was certainly slippery when wet. I enjoyed the ride very much. Not many places have horses that take tourists for a swim. I'm glad this one does.

Aneta said...

Its look good and it also sounds very nice. For me Mexico is to far but it is nice to see some of it true pictures and stories. Anyway maybe one day trip lead you to Croatia...but if dont you can always visit my blog.Have a nice time!

jesie said...

Croatia has nice places. Thank for sharing them on your blog. I'm not sure whether I will ever have a chance to go there.

Terence Chang said...

Ha.. I was wondering why people wearing swimming suite for horse riding.

That's good idea after all.

jesie said...

For those of us who knew and chose to swim with the horses, we were prepared with swimsuits. Some of the riders did not realize that we would have an opportunity to swim so they went into the water with their clothes. They didn't care because they said it was so hot and would dry up fast.

Debo Hobo said...

Looks like tons of fun...the segway looks like fun as well.

jesie said...

debo hobo,
It was my first horse back riding adventure. You bet it was full of fun and excitement especially for me. BTW most of us were beginners.

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Mrs. Mecomber said...

That looks absolutely amazing! I am not very familiar with horses, so I found your post very interesting.

Sweetiepie said...

hi,Jesie how are you.I have been mising in action for nerly 2 weeks now.hey,That horse riding looks so fun and I am sure you guys are haing a great time there.I only ride the horse once when I was in back home KK in a resort called Karambunai.:)

ferdie said...

wow, i feel envy is crawling up my head, i want to go horse riding too, lol.. btw, ming x-link, i hav travel blog too.. heres d link:

Anonymous said...

That must have been so much fun riding a horse into the waters.

jesie said...

Mrs. Mecomber,
Thanks for your compliments. It was my first horse riding experience and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Glad to see you around again. I'm going through a bad allergy. It's no fun. At least you have rode on a horse in KK. LOL, I rode on it for the first time in Mexico!

Thanks for visiting. I'm sure you will be able to go for horse riding in the Philippines some day. BTW, I have added your blog to my sidebar. Do check whether it is OK. Thanks.

My bug life,
Yes, it was fun riding into the waters. You have a lot of fun around Canberra too. Enjoy.

ferdie said...

hi, i addeed u already, hope i can visit their too.. hehe

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Lifecruiser said...

It looks like a dream! I've always dreamt about riding on a beach, but never got around doing it... The horses look really beautiful too!!!

Though I should not even think about it, since I have a back problem and should not be horseback riding at all...

...and I'd love to go to Mexico!!!! It's one of the many countries on my wish list.

JesieBlogJourney said...

There are other things which you can do in Mexico which would not harm your back. Hope you will visit some nice places there sometime. Enjoy.

jakill said...

I've only just caught up with this and I am green with envy. What a wonderful experience.

billco said...

My family went horseback riding in the jungle, outside of Cancun, a few years back. Had a great time.

Nice blog you have.

jesie said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, it was a wonderful experience.

I'm glad your family enjoyed horseback riding too. We had a five year old girl who rode on the same horse as her mom. She was such a cheer.