Sunday, November 4, 2007

Boat House

Well, the cable cars from my previous post is located in Ocean Park in Hongkong. The park is enormous. You find several long excalators too.

Moving away from the modern city, you will find some secluded homes on boats. The boats are their homes!

If you visit a Chinese restaurant in the US, chances are you may find a picture of the floating Jumbo Restaurant hanging on the wall. The food at Jumbo is so good but you must be willing to pay for the price. Take a ride further behind the restaurant and you will find the boat houses.

What a contrast between the restaurant in the fore front and the floating houses behind it.

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Terence Chang said...

I really like the photos of you in the small boat.

It makes the post very interesting.

jesie said...

Thanks for visiting and your comments. I'm glad that you pointed out what makes the post interesting.